Casual JAY-versations Talk Show

Conversation with Brandon Mack of 
Black Lives Matter Houston
JAY-vidode #9

Conversation With Pastor Frazier
 of St. John Baptist Church: Maintaining Your Day
JAY-visode #6

Sandra Boyd
Author of 'Washed New" - 
JAY-visode #10, Part Two

Conversation With Lamar Hunter: 
19th of 21 Naturally Born Children
JAY-visode #11

Everyday Black People Making History: 
John F. Thomas Interview, Part 1 

Black History in the Making: 
John F. Thomas, Part 2 Interview 

Global Pandemic: Interview With 
Connect The Dots PR - Navigating COVID-19 

A Casual JAY-versation With Your Chef Dre! 
       JAY-visode #4

Conversation with Judge Davis...
History Making Judge
JAY-versation #5

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