To Whom It May Concern:

Mr. Craig Joseph asked to write this letter of recommendation; it is not only a pleasure, but an honor to do so.

I was Craig’s talent agent from 2004-2007 when I owned Sandi Bell Talent Agency in Orlando, FL.  Craig initially was referred to me by his acting coach (and former client of mine) Kevin O’neill after coaching Craig on his monologues to assist him in securing an agent.  Craig came highly recommended as I was an exclusive agent who only accepted referrals.

Upon meeting Craig, he immediately displayed his passion for acting, his knack for professionalism and his enthusiasm to continue to learn and grow in his craft.  During my interview with Craig, he showed a range of acting and cold reading skills that lead me to sign him as a talent.  With every project that Craig either auditioned for or worked on, he approached each with total preparedness.  On occasion, I would receive feedback from directors and producers on the talent I represented and Craig would always garnish glowing comments on his skills, promptness, professionalism and overall positive attitude and etiquette on and off the set.

In conclusion, Craig is resourceful, dedicated, dependable, respectful, goal oriented, accountable, professional, honest and creative and would be a valuable addition to any talent agency that represents him.

Best regards,

Sandi Bell



Please accept this letter as a formal recommendation for actor, host, writer, and sports commentator Craig Joseph.

I highly recommend that you give Craig high consideration in listing with your agency. He is a bright and very responsible, new talent in your city of Houston.
I had the pleasure of hiring Craig to work in a series of theater productions while we were both residents of Orlando, Florida. In those productions Craig held principal roles including a festival performance for Cox Media’s STAR 94.5 MLK Weekend and “The Jena 6” Town Hall Meeting. He also held a principal role in African dialect “African Fables: Lessons Learned from the Motherland” which ran in conjunction with Kwanzaa week in Orlando and “It Bears Repeating” a historical production hosted by the Wells Built Museum of African American History and Culture. Thanks to Craig as the leading role, the museum brought it back for an encore weekend near the presidential election of 2008; and countless skits and improvisation for local businesses, churches, and organizations (local and national).
Thank you for your time and your consideration. Please feel free contact me with information below should you require any additional information.
I am sure he will be an asset to your agency.
L. VerneƩ Morgan
·       Manager, Special Events
Reach Media, Inc./ Home of the Tom Joyner Morning Show
·         Founder and President, No Dress Rehearsal Productions
      ·         Actor (SAG Eligible), Writer, Teacher, Producer


"Cee Jay it was great working with you for the first time.  I am still amazed by your commitment and preparation for the role. You brought in all your own props!! Performing a multiple layered character is difficult and you pulled it off with ease.  In addition, I am doing a director's cut, and realizing you are an editor and directors dream actor. You did great work on taking directions and giving the perfect takes, but you did them consistently well that I can cut between any shot and find you delivering the dialogues exactly the same!"

Arvi Ragu - 'Not A Day Goes By' - writer/director