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CeeJay Joseph

Read what the industry is saying

"With every project that CeeJay either auditioned for or worked on, he approached each with total preparedness.  On occasion, I would receive feedback from directors and producers on the talent I represented and CeeJay would always garnish glowing comments on his skills, promptness, professionalism and overall positive attitude and etiquette on and off the set."

-Sandi Bell, former Talent Agent

 "I was great working with CeeJay for the first time.  I am still amazed by his commitment and preparation for the role. Performing a multiple layered character is difficult and he pulled it off with ease".

- Arvi Ragu - Writer/Director, 'Not A Day Goes By'

"My team and I worked with CeeJay in Austin - and he was fantastic. He meticulously prepared for a series of long, difficult scenes (his script accuracy, and continuity craft were amazing). More than great craft - Ceejay is one of those actors who makes everyone else in a scene look good as well.  He certainly made us look good to a very important client".  

- Stephen Cohen, Director/Owner of EthicsOne

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